This Message Was Meant for More Than One

It is unfortunate that I cannot share even one moment of this with another person. The image below is already 3 years old. Today’s broadcast is so moving that I have it locked in my soul because not one person seems able to hear it given my current communications limitations. A history that is in creation is also a beautiful sound from so far in the future that I have chosen to take today to say Goodbye to some people who I know that I will not be able to communicate with soon. This time will be folded back in upon itself because that is the most succulent fruit that a world without women and children has to offer. You have once again been awarded a vast desert under a sheltering sky. I did not resist because I knew that resistance was futile. I like many of us just defied. If I shared even a pixel of what is beautiful and enduring, it would be stolen and never would it be replaced. Think of all the beauty that is shrouded in the dark. I am in that dark space and I hear …

"This Was What They Gave Me"
“This Was What They Gave Me”