I Blew It – I Repeat – I Blew It Little Sister

Goodbye *Achoo*. I can’t find you *Achoo*. I can find anyone but I can’t find you. You spent so long finding your way back to me but when you got here you just couldn’t let go of him. Never invite the devil to the party. I’m not coming back this time baby. You showed me the sun. You have the missing piece. That is the sun that almost killed me. You’re the only one who can stop the tiny and shiny. I know that you are the one. They brought me the entire sun about a month before you found me and you had no idea that the real one was hanging around your neck. You are the power supply. I have the other piece. You just can’t let go of the beast. Goodbye. You don’t know what love is and I see him in your smile. You told me to tell it to you with my eyes. I am. I would have given you my world but when I offered it to you, all you had to say was, “what is it”?

System Reject. I hear your cries but you have to start at the beginning. You will find me at the corner of “Center and Lark”, the floating point street, under the manhole cover. Baby, I can’t walk this wire anymore.

"Goodbye *Achoo*"
“Goodbye *Achoo*”