Cold War Part Deux

I have some suggestions for surviving this century’s installment of the cold war. I am not a historian but I took several courses in college and high school. That was enough to keep my feet on the ground during these uncertain times. I was born during the cold war so I didn’t really know what it was not to worry about WWIII. I know this much though, I simply did not worry, not consciously anyway.

Looking back I can see how the uncertainty of survival shaped my generation in regards to clothing, reading, and music. Culture does not flourish in a vacuum. The prevailing styles were punk, preppy, hippy, or tight ass. Since there is very little to enjoy during this horrendous political climate, I am relying on a remembering better times and laying a foundation to guide me to what I want in the future. Furthermore, I am not going to let anyone crash my good mood. My suggestions which may or may not work for anyone else are to read as many books as I can, listen to all of the music that comes my way, and study as much as I can.