“Tell Me – Who is This Man?” James Corden

Inspiring others is important. “Who is This Man?” The James Corden. When I am down, he lifts me up. When I shed a tear, he dries the tears. When I stumble, he picks me up. When I err, he gently guides me back to into the light. Where there is silence, he brings me music. Where there is hatred, he sows love. Where there is war, he brings peace. Where the is illness, he brings health. He is, he is James Corden, he is…because…because LIFE! Have a blessed day.

I am more proud of this portrait of a man, a myth, a legend than any work that I’ve done before. Thank you, that is all.

James Corden "The Man, The Music, The Good Life" image of James Corden
James Corden “The Man, The Music, The Good Life”