Work Product – About Bribery


I have been contemplating the notion of ransomware  and bribery. Most of the cases that I’ve read about regarding police or hospitals being the victim of a ransomware attack usually end up paying a fairly low amount of money to have their organization’s data release. I see fees ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 to have their data released. I’m wondering if the low price is just the small price of paying off a bribe. Information is often time more valuable than money. The wide availability to access photographs and surveil people could be a catalyst that drives the economy of bribery and ransomware.  Transparency could greatly reduce one’s vulnerability of being bribed.

Perhaps any hospital or police station that is bribed or held under ransomware should undergo a thorough audit. This might lead to uncovering the reasons they were willing to pay and prevent future occurences of the catalyst of the bribe or ransomware.

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