Ecosystem of Russian Dominance In American Political Psyche

Looking back to find some crossroads to the domination of Russian influence in our thinking about our own culture and political climate is not going to be easy. Revealing the fabric that the United States and Russia have created is not extremely complicated. However, conveying the magnitude and importance of understanding the historical importance that all sociopolitical realities and illusions we drift into has never been more important. Much of what we are weaving into the media and our subconscious minds will remain completely invisible and not transparent without finding that magic cord and following it back until we see a clear collusion of a tangible and healthy fear. History does not occur in the next headline or comment. There is a dangerous vagueness cloaking all of the forces that got us to this Russian obsession. Although I do not doubt it’s authenticity, I believe there are other countries stirring the pot and benefiting from the Russian cloak. Having said that, I’m aware that there are those among us who have seen something I may not have seen. My vantage point is that we cannot ignore Iran or alliances (BRIC) that have been building around the globe while many Americans have been staring at their own navels and smartphones.

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My starting point for today is to read some scholarly articles from a reputable academic called “Creativity Research Journal” America University of Sharjah. The university is located in the United Arab Emirates a federal absolute monarchy in Western Asia. The title of the article says a lot:

“The Impact of Culture on the Creative Potential of American, Russian, and Iranian College Students” by Anatoliy V. Kharkhurin & Shirin N. Samadpour Motalleebi
Pages 404-411 | Published online: 04 Nov 2008

These scholars are acutely aware of the historical factors in any political context and I can not stress the importance that we must be equally adroit at self-examination and cultural critique.

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