Learn to Code As You Develop Software

I can not say enough about diving into WordPress development as a means of mastering PHP, HTML, CSS, and even some JavaScript. You can also learn how to use a server locally on your computer or in the cloud.  Additionally, you will learn to code in the IDE of your choice as well as editing directly in your browser. If you already know a bit about coding then you’re set and may be able to develop a WordPress theme just from YouTube videos and free tutorials. There are multitudes of inexpensive tutorials available online  for a more in-depth approach.

If you need information on where to start then leave me a comment. I no longer post online tutorials as I have been badly hacked by revealing information about my OS and software of choice which reveal information about the specs of your computing ecosystem.

If developing a WordPress theme seems daunting then try building a “child theme” which is still challenging but not quite as enormous as theme development.

Good Luck! You CAN learn to code. All it takes is practice, patience, and attention to detail.

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