The Truth About Miranda Rights

This is not my shame. I have never worn handcuffs until approximately 1 month ago. I feel it is my duty to document this as I have 20 plus years in Health Care and I am a paralegal. I was never told exactly why I was taken to the jail except that it was a “mental intake” and that (and I quote) it was a “free service”.

It was random and it was very serious. I was shackled and never read my right because I was not under arrest. I spent 1 month in the hospital where I received physical care from a physician. This is what my wrists looked like. I was discharged early but not soon enough. I will not drop this. I spent the day in a jail thing. I’ve never been violent nor been to jail. It was terrifying, especially the waist shackles.


bruising handcuffs
Bruises from hand cuffs