Not Computing Not Computing – Embrace Complexity

This is the beginning of a very important month. Firstly, my oldest sister has a birthday this month and secondly it is the 5 month of the 12 month Gregorian Calendar. This is also the month when I used to celebrate my wedding anniversary from my only marriage that spanned the first decade and a half of my adult life. In essence my ex-husband and I grew up together beginning just after the end of a prolonged adolescence on both of our parts. My former marriage is by any standard of measure the most monumental aspect of the month of May for me. The decision to marry was for my ex-husband and I the foundation upon which the future of each of our lives was built.

Our educations were established. The numerous places in the U.S. and over seas that each of us have lived was set into motion. We lived an exciting and eccentric life style that exposed us to some of the most interesting events going on in the world during that time. He is a professor and I went into software. We were what I fondly call Bohemians. He was my mate, my soul mate, and my best friend. I will even indulge myself as I born under the lovers sign, Scorpio, we were a union of two that through our relationship spiritually became one. The rest is very private as he is a quasi well-known person in his neck of the woods and I am beginning to wonder if I am more known that I at one point knew.

Well, this is going to be a very pivotal month for me. This is just my little stroll down memory lane as I appreciate the richness and choices of my youth and appreciate the sometimes tragic but mostly the complex and highly adaptable adult woman that I’ve developed into. Happy May.