Raspberry Pi 3 Plays Nice Tunes

I’ve been working on my Raspberry Pi 3 all afternoon with the intention of installing an new OS on it. I experienced several bumps in the road using a server to connect remotely to my desktop but finally figured it out and connected. Then I had forgotten that I changed my default password on  the Pi and I could not remember it.

Finally I hooked the Raspberry Pi up to the t.v. monitor with HDMI and just ran it as a stand alone. Well, I’d been fooling with it all afternoon by this point so I got the urge to take a break and test it out on Youtube. The Raspberry Pi 3 has considerably more RAM and a better processor than the 2 so I was curious.

I actually spent all afternoon playing song after song on Youtube with only a couple of browser crashes. I did not ever have to reboot. I played everything from Fleetwood Mac, Bonnie Raitte, Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks, Don Henley, Cold Play, Roberta Flack, and of course Heart…Oh yes, and one of my favorite songs by Todd Rundgren, “Hello”.  It was a grand old time. Most of the videos were filmed during a time when a computer took up an entire room. This was pretty cool because the Raspberry Pi is just a bit bigger than a deck of cards. I got great video quality and pretty good sound.