Analytics and Strategic Decisions On Twitter

This is a rough draft of a note and I apologize for the lack of polishing. It is more for myself as a sort of timeline marker in my experiences on Twitter. I was quite surprised soon after joining Twitter several months ago. I have encountered business interactions or B2B on social networking for quite some time and I have seen a marked evolution in this process. I first observed very casual B2B as far back as the original “Myspace”. This was a business model that was based more on exploiting some yet to be addressed vulnerabilities in Google linking and page ranks and mostly it was just hacks making small sums on occasion.

I was immediately impressed by the structure of Twitter and the level of professionalism. It was a very different environment than what I was accustomed to in the past. I will note that I felt a sort of “pressure” within common networks of people to tweet a certain way and be ever vigilant as if I were on the job.

This feeling raised questions for me as did the enormous numbers of common contacts that I shared with the people I was in contact with. I began to see that many of the accounts were automated and wondered if this was the preferred way of using Twitter. The only problem with that is that I joined Twitter with the intent of accessing a variety of organizational resources and I was more interested in what I could learn from this experience than what I could “teach” or advise others to do. The intellectual stimulation has been rewarding but the effort that I’ve put into supporting the posts of others has been a drain. I get an occasional like from a couple of people but it seems that there is sometimes allowances taken for others to request favors when offering nothing in return. This is not how I learned business or social interaction. My frustrations have mounted as I tried to get to the root of things. At times I have seen news and ads that seem almost surreal in nature. Is the world really this odd now or is it a special cocktail of the mystery network sets and resets that I continually experience. 

Clearly analytics are being used and used with such great precision that I can literally go to the pharmacy for my doctor prescribed medication and return home to find “drug treatment” advertisements all through my browser, references to meds in comments, really a very comprehensive slamming of what just transpired about my credit card transaction.  This is very bad form. I don’t know many folks who enter treatment for blood pressure meds that make you sleepy. This is in no way an isolated incident although the medical information has improved greatly.

At this point I have begun using native Twitter tools to get a better picture on the functioning of Twitter. It seems a waste to hire someone when I have done something almost exactly like this job during my career. I don’t mean a social media expert, I mean data analysis.

This has been quite a process and I am suspecting that not all of my contacts do this by hand. I know that some services post for people. I do remember feeling as if I should hire someone to manage my account in the beginning but that seemed absurd due to my motive of learning. I have had no luck in gaining insight from some that I might actually consider a friend on other social networking sites. Anyway, all is not lost. Sometimes what seems like wasting time and watching is the best approach to gaining a deeper understanding of a situation. I almost feel as if I should interject that I pose no type of disruption or threat toward how things are done. I have seen some amazing things and at least now I feel I can put my feet on the ground in terms of where to start. I don’t plan on earning money on Twitter but there is knowledge there for the taking. By that I mean understanding HOW information moves, not what it tells me about someone! Well, I have python to study and will be posting less on Twitter as my posts are widely seen but with no interaction. Happy Twittering to all.

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