Commitment vs Rules

I was a nanny for several years. I learned a lot about children and people during this time. People and children will likely follow routines and rules that are established in advance. I made a commitment to myself that I would use this knowledge that I learned from observing children throughout my life.

Depending on the relationship one has with a person or entity maintaining a commitment will define all future outcomes between the parties. People do not follow orders well. They follow rules even if they see them broken by those who set them. People are for the most part flexible. However, a broken commitment undermines everything that is essential to a personal or professional relationship.

Know the difference between a rule and an order. Understand the commitments you make and do not break them. Don’t make them lightly if you are prone to breaking them. Rules can be broken, orders can infect any established routine. Commitments can only be formed if they are historically upheld by those who make them.

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