Listen To Your Body – Please

If you feel sick in an unusual way that lasts longer than a few days your body may be telling you something. If you think that no one cares, you are wrong. I care! Even if you are kind of a “jerk”, lol. Nothing in life will be OK unless you are physically and mentally OK. I mistakenly thought that I was nervous for about the past month. I have been following my usual doctors orders and figured that it would pass and that I would stop feeling so nervous. I attributed it to my work and to any external source that I felt was getting me down. I felt certain that I could whip this “nervousness” on my own. I was incredibly wrong! I did go to the doctor this morning and it is not a matter of being nervous. I had an unusual spike in my blood pressure that was so high that I declined to hear exactly what it was and I let my trusted physician conduct the appropriate tests and prescribe a medication to take care of this issue. I realized that I was not nervous because of some social factor that I could somehow control or tough out. My body needed help. I am lucky to have seen the same excellent PCP for over 10 years. He was able to go back into my records and check the baseline results of previous years visits. Someone cares about your health and you should as well. Do not let these things go. You don’t need to run in every time you stub your toe but either trust a licensed physician and pharmacist or get second opinions. This is very important. It is part of preventative medicine. I waited too long to go in but not so long that I needed to be hospitalized. Please, take care of yourselves.