Windows 10 IoT Core Raspberry Pi 3

One of my current projects is installing Windows 10 IoT Core onto a Raspberry Pi 3. The reason that this is significant is that the Raspberry Pi 3 runs off of a Linux based OS. One choice is called “NOOBS”. Historically the only way to run any type of Linux flavor OS is to use a hypervisor or Virtualbox which is the easiest way.

For Windows to integrate Bash into Windows 10 IoT Core is a huge deal. It is not extremely difficult work but it is extremely taxing at times and requires the patience of Job. There are so many things that must be managed simultaneously and in conjunction with other demanding projects and the prospect of errors are ever-present in these endeavors. That is the nature of software and hardware design. It is an ongoing process and it is never 100% finished.

When you work primarily alone you rely, as many of us “makers” do, on little communities, forums, and Youtube. The technology is moving so fast that my paid training and education can barely keep pace with those of us on the highly unsupported front lines of this work. It is a passion and it does not really pay the bills. Thank you to all my Youtube contacts for your amazing turn around on tech issues that may have only come up “2 days” ago. The videos are frequently not even in English or sometimes have no audio. We WATCH AND LEARN. It is a visual language and I communicate by watching people work with their hands and PCs all over the world.

It is exciting but it can be extraordinarily stressful. Equipment and time are money. I don’t exactly want to put out some bullshit app that has no real purpose.  In conclusion, me and the people that I don’t even know are working our asses off because it is for the most part very fun and very exciting. Please bear in mind that I represent absolutely no one, these are exchanges of knowledge, not groups.

Back to the fun!