Managing Websites

I have been spending a lot of time on website maintenance. Simple tasks such as FTP or SFTP can actually be time consuming if you have no one to share tasks with.

This task is time consuming and tedious. However, it is an extraordinarily straightforward process.ftp_made_simple-main

There are so many things to consider when administering your own website. WordPress. com is great but the “front end” administration panel seems to change and what may seem simple to some may not seem so easy if you are used to taking into account the “back end” maintenance and the security issues on self managed sites.

I suppose that we as human beings end up seeing and even reading whatever we want to see and read. For me content is in the detail and if one nuance becomes the focus rather than complementing the real story or presentation I first look at how I’ve presented it. I can not control for everything though. Sometimes content may rest solely in the eye of the beholder. I hope to expand on this issue further in future blogs but I am knee deep in the upkeep aspect of my websites.

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