The Classroom in quotes

I am reading about the pitfalls of virtual education and I am remembering my last on Campus experience.

However, I first want to insert an image that immediately comes to mind when I think about any educational experience. Actually, almost any educational experience. As I have gotten older, I am seeking out less “energetic” venues of learning. OK, now for the image.

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The last real classroom I was in was at a very solid, very good University. However, some wise professors warned of what the University experience is turning into and will continue to evolve (adapt) into moving forward. Some professors went so far as to say that they would recommend that students not purchase textbooks. The professor would create text-book substitutes and make them available for free or in a printed form that left very little cost on the part of the student. I have a feeling that professors such as these would actually absorb much of the cost of textbooks from their salary. That is dedication.


Having said all of that, I will say that the classrooms at the school seemed quite virtual to me. The classrooms were decked out in proprietary gear and I always stopped at the vending machines for my morning energy drink. The actual University experience was nothing like it was when I got my degree…