Houston, We Have a COUGH

I am not easily annoyed by most of the issues that I face online. That is because very few people who are interacting with us online really know us enough to push our “real” buttons. Frequently, it is someone that I don’t even know whose buttons I’ve pushed. Often times it is someone I don’t know who pushes my buttons. Unless someone is actively watching us, either through human observation or some type of metric, it is fairly easy to hide what really annoys us.

stop and smell a flower

I have a policy: never even use or Google a topic or word that is likely to push a trigger emotionally. 93.001 % (yes, lol) of my online frustrations come from technical issues which for me are highly emotional. Beyond that, there are probably a handful of people who I either barely know or know well who actually know what my real triggers are. Typically, my attention span is so short that I forget to stay upset and refocus fairly quickly.

One “REAL” issue that has become worse due to true technical issues is time management. My interests are focused but even a niche interest in our ocean of knowledge contains so much information that to focus on a “nano topic” is quite difficult. I have a feeling that I am not the only one suffering from this.

I do believe in “binge learning”. I have found that when I am primed to dig into a topic, it is best to just go with the flow. We have too many distractions to achieve any real balance, many of us anyway.

I am going to attempt an experiment to see if I can better utilize my time. I am going to try to use only tablets and phones to access social media. I believe that due to the size of my monitors, I take in way more “social issues” than would be possible on a smaller device. Responsive design can be a huge advantage or disadvantage. I don’t want to walk around with my phone glued to me but I have too much time in front of a very large screen that encourages me to explore “everything”.

This blog is largely a place for me to solidify my own thoughts and also to reflect on the ideas of others. For the sake of time management, I will not be editing these blogs with a fine tooth comb. That would be an actual job for me.