Digital Waste Management

I wonder and dream if this model of efficiency could assist in cleaning up “digital waste” or the the “Internet Urban Sprawl”.

“Taylorism”:  “Scientific Management, also called Taylorism,[1] is a theory of management that analyzes and synthesizes workflows. Its main objective is improving economic efficiency, especially labor productivity. It was one of the earliest attempts to apply science to the engineering of processes and to management.” Wikipedia ~ Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856–1915)

Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856–1915)

Frederick Winslow Taylor
Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856–1915)

It is one thing to archive but it is entirely different to clean up “internet waste” in the science that I call “Digital Waste Management”. Just a thought. It is not so bad that there is digital waste, what is bad is that it can create bad, redundant, and irrelevant search results which curb profits for legitimate practice of SEO? I’m not sure…maybe, perhaps, who knows. Land is sometimes protected as “Open Space”, is there some such thing in the expanse of the internet? What needs to go and what needs to stay without applying restrictions on the FREEDOM OF SPEECH, net neutrality, etc. Google catches some of the BS but there are always workarounds.

“Solutions to computer waste data” Illustration by Royce Faddis

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