Untitled Number 1: Blogs

I have been shocked back into productivity although by some accounts I seem slow and repetitive. This is only because I always look at a site for “best practices” in construct, ease of use, and design. Most websites overlook 1 or several of these elements in a hurried attempt to put something online. I am no different. Computers and information systems, in addition to human error are in a constant state of entropy. Computers, people power, and even internet connections require the same attention one would give to a beloved pet except on occasion you want to beat the shit out of a monitor or what have you.

It is the construction of the site that is my main concern, for me, it is usually content that suffers. I have no problem with a site full of Lorem Epsom and ridiculous pictures labeled with “Comic Sans”. Generally, my blogs aren’t meant to be read. I hope to be changing that lack of content on this new blog. It may not be the most seductive reading but it will be about the mechanics and creative process of blogging, writing, and maybe some tech tips. As far as I have observed, blogging is actually just another form of Social Networking. For the most part, it is bloggers who read blogs unless they are published in a major newspaper.
A few years ago I described the number of new websites as a form of “Urban Sprawl”. At that point, I opted out of professional web development. I should not say this but people waste a lot of money trying to gather an online presence. I’m not talking about “Amazon”, wow, “Amazon” is all that I can think of. I almost use it to the exclusion of all others…anyway…

That is all she wrote.

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