I was in Walmart(s) (lol) one time with my younger cousin. He angrily proclaimed that everyone was staring at him. I informed him that was due to the fact that he is 6’7″. That is a pretty good reason to stare.

Viewing Web Sites

The first thing I look at when I view a website, regardless of the content, is who made the site and the construction. I have found that some of the best websites are free websites hosted by free blogs. When I say “who” made the site. I do not research who owns the site, I … More Viewing Web Sites

Houston, We Have a COUGH

I am not easily annoyed by most of the issues that I face online. That is because very few people who are interacting with us online really know us enough to push our “real” buttons. Frequently, it is someone that I don’t even know whose buttons I’ve pushed. Often times it is someone I don’t … More Houston, We Have a COUGH

Untitled Number 1: Blogs

I have been shocked back into productivity although by some accounts I seem slow and repetitive. This is only because I always look at a site for “best practices” in construct, ease of use, and design. Most websites overlook 1 or several of these elements in a hurried attempt to put something online. I am … More Untitled Number 1: Blogs